AUDACIOUS! Meghan DELIBERATELY BOUGHT ‘Lilibet’ Domain Name WITHOUT Queen’s Approval

AUDACIOUS! Meghan DELIBERATELY BOUGHT ‘Lilibet’ Domain Name WITHOUT Queen’s Approval ▷▷▷ Please subscribe my channel: …

17 thoughts on “AUDACIOUS! Meghan DELIBERATELY BOUGHT ‘Lilibet’ Domain Name WITHOUT Queen’s Approval

  1. She said before after being married and decided to leave the Royals that the Queen has no right to take her ‘title’ away (or something like that) and can use it if she wants to!!! Very arrogant

  2. Two days ago TROLLS were sent all over you tube. They would reply to a message and when you opened the reply it looked like a friendly message from Prince William offering to give you his private email address and it had a gmail address to click on . THIS WAS NOT PRINCE William it was a disgusting troll . Luckily I caught it early and put a warning out with you tubes help (God bless them) and only a few people got caught .. found about 50 of them and they slithered away rapidly. IF YOU GET A REPLY TO ANY MESSAGE FROM ANY OF THE ROYAL FAMILY OR ANYONE FAMOUS GIVING YOU THEIR SECRET email address at gmail or anywhere else don't click on it just report it . Replying though you tube public comments is completely safe because they do an awesome job (God bless them) of protecting us all .

  3. It shows…outsiders hve no business interferring in family matters! Harry & Megan , Archie & Lilibet r family with the queen! Outsiders, GET OVER IT, MYOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That name was special to her Majesty . As a matter of fact she wanted that nickname to never be used after her husband of 73 years died . She even signed a private letter to Phillip which rested on his coffin with the very private nickname of Lilibet written clearly on the card . Harry & Meghan are vile disrespectful to her majesty wishes !

  5. If the Queen has given approval to use of Lillibet in the first place, she would not be so angry but H n M audaciously disputed without conscience. They are serial liars esp MM who has bad character n bad genes in her making use of H to lie also. Bad characters will affect children's upbringing. They will have genetic pain as well. Let's wait n observe whether their private upbringing is less painful. Bad, bad calculation n poor foresight !!!

  6. So American, whatever things that is not legally written is subject to claim by anyone. She doesnt understand tradition, culture, honor, respect, politeness

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