Finding every Artifact for Boss Fight pt.2! | Ark India Pugnacia Live | Ragnarok | Hurrikane Gaming

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Stream Elements Commands:-
!device – Device I am playing on
!discord – My Discord Server
!Instagram – My Instagram ID
!paytm – For superchat only
!IGN – My IGN if you want to send me a request
!subscribe – Subscribe to my channel

Top Donation
Howitzer FN – Rs. 50

PC Specs (Which I use to play and Stream on Currently)
Intel Core i5 9400F
Galax RTX 2060
16GB RAM (8GB x2 Sticks)

Mouse :- Logitech G502 (Wired)

Server Name:- HurrikaneYT (Non Dedicated Session)
Map:- Ragnarok
Non Dedicated Server
This above server is for Steam.

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