22 thoughts on “Java 'goes crazy within 60 seconds again?!' – #9

  1. Megd gotta remove this passive playstyle if he wants love from brawl fans. Also sand man he didn't perform the best, but Cody play out of his mind and so did Java

  2. Simply beautiful, made the opponet look like they got their attack buttoms broken. Please upload more highlights of BCX, people deserve their recognition after such an AMAZING tournament!!

    PS: Veeery unlucky for Boomie, but he will keep being my favourite player, he has a unique playstyle and one of the deepest understandings of the game and I truly believe that if he believes in himself without being discouraged by this tournament, he will keep being at the top!!

  3. The best part is that hammer isn’t even a broken weapon and he’s genuinely good at it and people refuse to see that hammer is not in the better half of weapons😂

  4. Java had me And my friends screaming at the top of our lungs cheering for him against Cody Travis in Grands and they don’t even watch competitive brawlhalla

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