32 comments on “MY NEW MCPE SERVER!!! – Official Server Release – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

  1. BlueGames Official

    Please follow the Minigames have to add:
    2.Survival Games
    3.Egg Wars
    4.Captrue the Flag
    6.Team SkyWars
    7.Solo BedWars
    8.Murder Mystery
    9.Build Battle
    10.Zombie infection
    Lobby to Edit:
    1.Add Parkour
    2.Add Shop
    Thats all thank u oh almost forget please turn me into a ADMIN Pls pls pls pls if im a ADMIN ill help u Making your server cooler than other pls pls pls if you did please here's my MC username: Blue_is_Cool and my friend as well hes a Good Designer Hes MC username: Red_is_Cool thank u


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