New World Server Transfers Delayed, This is a Problem

So it looks like the New World team is kicking the server transfers can down the road, this is an actual problem, and I’ll tell you exactly why.

Also check out this UEG Video:

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47 thoughts on “New World Server Transfers Delayed, This is a Problem

  1. Server transfers? they can't even get a minor, unannounced, maintenance done in under nine hours in prime time region with largest population, you are asking way too much from complete hacks.
    This is what happens when big tech decided to hire based on representation and "inclusion" instead of hiring the right people for the job.

  2. The problem I see with server xfers is the low pop faction servers get worst with ppl leaving to join a server there faction is higher on. After awhile servers will be owned by one faction maybe two at best and open world pvp will suffer greatly for it. There are already servers having this problem and xfers havnt happened yet. The problem is when capping servers to stop the ques stopped friends from playing together and now they are looking to join the same server along with the servers with high que times needing help. Sharding cant happen with companies owning towns and merging servers would take a huge over hall on the servers to raise the cap to 5k. Looking at this from a classic wow point of view there isnt a way out of this happening with xfers going live. It would happen over time with ppl that quit but this will have it happen quickly. I would like to hear others thoughts on this issue. While ppl should be able to play with there friends I dont think this is the way to go about it. Maybe phasing in groups to play with friends but this carrys problems like server hopping for nodes/mobs ect.

  3. In a lot of MMOs i played, i can log in to any server i want with my any of my characters. A server is full ? Then just log in to another server that isn't full with my existing characters. Why can't they just implement that ?

  4. (Game is dead. Just a joke guys, heh heh) – My server when from having 500-1000 people in queue, to now having like 700 people online.

  5. There is reaso why I did not buy Anthem day one qnd was waitting Anthem 2.0 which got chanceled so I never got to buy it.

    Now I wait and see when reviews pop up saying all this bs has been fixed. I don't mind playing solo and die constantly in pvp if there is no bs like this 😆 lies lies and more lies…

  6. Not defending Amazon, ever, for anything but you obviously do not have any idea how relational data bases work or are designed. It is not like a big excel spread sheet that you can just copy and paste from one column to another. Indeed I would expect that their relational data base is a bit of a clusterfck of complexity.

  7. I don't really see this as an issue. You can start a new character on the server of your choice and level it up in the time it will take for them to iron out the server transfer problem. Also, there's the whole longevity thing. How long will most players even be playing this. You know the streamers will quickly move to the next shiny thing chasing views, and gamers as a whole are a fickle bunch.

  8. Brother I get that you're upset but, honestly I think it'd be more bothersome to move your character and get totally fucked in some way. Yes they're taking longer but I rather it be a finished product than a fucky mess that messes up everything. Also they lied about being able to move ANYWHERE I feel this, is a much bigger problem. Than hey wait alil longer cause I'm pretty sure if they released it and shit hits the fan, people would be way more upset about getting fucked

  9. I almost bought this game based solely on your impression and videos of this game.
    Every time I saw it during beta all I heard was "PvP" this and "PvP" that… I have no interest in PvP but I love crafting and gathering, and as someone who's been goblin at the WoW AH so hard I once made 20mil gold in a week, the economy system of this game sounds like crack to me.
    So after seeing your videos I got quite hyped and I also wanted to play with you if you made a company for your viewers who would probably have like-minded mindsets to take their time, explore, and not rush like crazy.
    Before I bought the game, though, I found out that it doesn't support Windows 7. Now it sounds like I saved 40€ if the game keeps going downhill like this and they don't do something about the faction imbalance issue.
    I'll probably pick it up on sale for fishing and gathering as a chill thing, unless things get better. Then I'll have to install Windows 10… (Gross! :P)

  10. WHEN the transfers come, it's probably a good idea to wait a few days, maybe even a week for most people to transfer and check what the population on the servers look like.

  11. I’ve wasted 80 hours on a US servers because they straight up lied about being able to transfer across regions… idk whether to start again or just stop playing :/ it’s a shame because I really liked the game

  12. a bit of an abrupt video end, but uh yeah. the whole situation is a bit stinky, a bit skeptical. My situation is compounded by the fact that my friends are all split on whether they want to be on a high or medium pop server, and so i have one character i thought would be my main at lvl 34 with high skills n stuff, and an alt at lvl 23 who has ok skills. and its looking like if i want to play with most of my friends, it has to be on the alt.
    and even all that aside, the game desperately needs quest sharing, or something. as it stands alot of my friends are planning on mostly playing alone because quests are the best way to get levels and money, and unless everyone doesnt do any quests without someone else there, then someone is losing out by having to just follow someone around while they do quests. i love what new world brings to the table, but its undeniable that this game reeks of out-of-touch "this is how mmo's work right?" kinda shit and i really hope that with the explosive success of the game they hire the experience and numbers they need to pull this game up to something better.

  13. Dude stop crying. A 15 minute video of crying. This is such a polished game, you can wait another week or two. I have friends on other servers I want to play with but your tone in this video is insufferable.

  14. No the problem is been playing everyday since Launch and km level 30 only it's a joke let's run around back and both same quest to level its boring af leveling shouldn't be in this pathetic

  15. Now it honestly feels like they told people to go play in low pop servers just to boost their player numbers. Like imagine if on day 1 people decided to just wait for the servers to be fixed and didn't go to play in low pop servers. Their players numbers would be way lower right now. This is a pretty big promise to renege on. I could see many people dropping the game just because of this.

  16. "Every applicable resource" to me reads as everyone they have that works on things regarding servers, data management, bug fixes and whatnot is working on the server transfer issue. That doesn't necessarily mean there isn't also a team working on content, quest and level designers probably have nothing to do with the server transfers and are still working in their projects.

    Or at least I hope lol.

  17. New worlds next comment after fixing the server transfer problem will be.. “After deep discussion in our development team were no longer planning on adding any new content to New World.”

  18. You are whining a bit imo here, most MMOs DONT come with server transfer right away, and server transfer is NOT nearly the most glaring issue with the game right now. Be patient we are no longer playground kids that want things RIGHT NOW are we? I like your content but this feels a bit childish to ME.

  19. The department working on content are at the mercy of their smartphones telling them they have to go home now because they bought a ham sandwich near somebody who rubbed shoulders with someone else who was on holiday in an orange zone in the last 28 days.
    Play The Division 2 Ruri it's awesome..and they have shields!

  20. The fact that there’s already people whinnying about the amount of content is blowing my mind … the game is so grindy it speaks a lot about these people 😵😵 How about you don’t find every way possible to skip the content with exploits and best route fastest way to level and enjoy the game instead of making everything possible to skip through the content available

  21. Well, fuck. I reached level 20 on my server but all of my friends picked another one(i played Day 1 and chose lowest level) I recently stopped playing cause i was bored by myself and waited for the transfer… now i have to wait longer? IM gonna be so behind of my friends, but i really dont want to grind solo

  22. In fairness you realistically can't/shouldn't be required to pump out new content to keep up with anyone who has played 200 hours plus on a game that's been available for 2 weeks and have already burnt though any and all content. Although at the same time I think it's obvious to anyone that there does need to be new content, and honestly the way the game is structured it seems like it needs a constant stead drip of content not big content patches.

  23. I have friends in 4 different servers ! how the hell am i gonna play with them ??? AMAZON fucked it up and if it fucks up the transfers i`ll refund this shit.

  24. They've now said that there will be no region to region transfers either, even though they stated we could on twitter just after launch. Because of those tweets I went to play on US East just to avoid the EU queues, and of course now I'm stuck. I have to start again in EU Central, what a waste of time 🙁

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