Taking Over the Hardest Server in ARK…

Welcome back to another episode of ARK MTS Season 5, in this one we do a boss fight, a raid and counter an orbital drop.
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ARK Genesis (Official Smalltribes PvP) – https://youtu.be/o16oDzOjP5Q?list=PL_h3NNpN3Cb-eC2wUZl4VWORKupRRT5vD
ARK Solo PvP (MTS) – https://youtu.be/FbF1q18-LII?list=PL_h3NNpN3Cb-1SzhURs-Vmohq6RU2Gm73
ARK Valguero PvP (MTS) – https://youtu.be/9LkqEync6Ww?list=PL_h3NNpN3Cb-Ujf5susWzxsfkH5ugj82F

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