35 comments on “The Test Server Experience – Rainbow Six Siege

  1. Chris Santamaria

    Nuff bitchin I'm out. Game isn't dead, it's a game. Have a better mentality about this game. No reason to keep calling this game garbage and trash. You're in test server for a reason. Constructive criticism is better than the whining I hear from you man. I'll re sub if that changes. You waste good content with your opinionated commentary. Hopefully til then vg.

  2. Mason Crowley

    They should maybe bring it back into ranked if the secure time was longer, but I turn it off for casual because you secure instantly when in objective. Bomb is the most balanced.

  3. Kalmeq

    How can he enjoy game when he always has to clutch and do all the kills. His teammate are careless like when IQ juste entered without driving to die and capital too

  4. BlankestBlank

    i got two problems with siege at the moment, 1) audio travel its awful now, i can hear an ash sneaking around a wall but that same wall, grid lock can do a chunky couch walk past it and i wont hear shit. 2) the info for whos left has been half the time wrong, itll say 3v2 and its actually 2v3 or its a 1v4 and it says 3v1 etc. I've had it even say 1v2 in a 2v3 situation.

  5. Casey Muscato

    When Thatcher meets a girl and goes on a date.
    Thatcher: Hey I got something you might like
    Her: Ok, what is it
    Thatcher: I have a six inch
    Her: Let me see it
    Thatcher: *Pulls out his knife
    Her: Oh that's not what I expected
    Thatcher: Oh you thought I meant down there, yeah that's much smaller

  6. Nightbot

    Varsity, you just saved my life I thought I was the only one lagging, my ping went all the way to the thousands, I almost bought new WiFi 👁👄👁


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